0010741 Mona Lisa White Transfer Chacopaper – 1 Sheet – 11×17 inches


White Transfer Chacopaper – 1 Sheet – 11.75×17.5 inches

Trace on designs, then wash away the lines when finished! Works great for your pen and ink with watercolor wash projects. When you brush on watered down acrylics, the lines disappear almost magically.
One 11” by 17” sheet will trace designs on fabric, leather, paper, plastic, and more! Whether you’re marking an embroidery pattern, or tracing marks for darts, buttonholes, or other design elements, you’ll want this paper handy. Once you’re done, launder your fabrics in water, and watch the marks disappear! Please note; before ironing on any fabrics, remove pencil marks. Always test a small swatch first to ensure that this paper reacts well to your fabric.

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